I’ve seen you in my dreams.

Exhibition & Bookrelease, Spring 2016

This is my first attempt of exploring Scandinavia and find out why I feel so connected to it. I shot the whole road trip analogue. The reason why I chose analogue over digital is because it inspires me every time I release the shutter; you never know how the result will look. Is there a light leak, different grain, is there any dust, stains or is there even a picture? Each and every frame is unique and that is why you take the time rethinking your position and setting before taking a picture. You only have 36 pictures on a roll. Sure you could reload the camera with a new roll, but the scenery would probably change and you would likely miss something wonderful while reloading. I rather choose wisely in a fast-moving nature.

There are way too much travel photographers with high-end travel & mountain pictures who are followed by thousands of people. I love those pictures, yet I do not want to be a part of it. I am in favor of slowing it down and showing my life like I see it.


I’m also featured on the lovely online Magazine THIS IS SCANDINAVIA.
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