I don’t know how many times I’ve written these words in my mind. Over and over again. I infected myself with an idea for so long, until it became reality. This year was really rough, painful and sometimes barely to handle, but also full of beautiful new experiences and new friends.

I finally had the courage to start and work on my own personal projects and showcase them. All my fear of opening myself up and talking about my pictures was unnecessary because of you. Every single one who visited my exhibitions, all these lovely chats, nice and motivational words, they kept me going. THANK YOU!

My decision wasn’t easy and I kept running the upcoming scenario over and over again in my head, for months, before I told anyone.

And here I am, on the very last day of the year, and I can finally say it out loud.I’ll quit my apartment in Vienna this February, sell everything I own and leave Austria in April. I’ll go on a really long journey through Scandinavia, live in my car, finally finish my project, have exhibitions and start a few new projects.

Maybe it won’t work out, maybe I’ll be back in a few weeks, months, years or maybe I’ll stay forever, but at least I have to try.

My most favorite quote from Sylvia Plath fits my plans very well:
„Perhaps some day I’ll crawl back home, beaten, defeated…“

Over the next few months I’ll document the modification of my Volvo into a little camper, arrangements, schedules and thoughts. If you want to follow my journey, follow the hashtag #ihaveseenyouinmydreams on Instagram

I feel sad, when I think of leaving my family and friends behind and going on a journey all alone, but there will always be airports, train stations and roads back home, when I get lost.

So long. And hopefully I’ll meet all of you one more time to grab a cold one and have a laugh before I leave.

Lots of love & into the unknown