„I have seen you in my dreams“ photo exhibition

14.04.2017–16.04.2017 | Atelje Råbygård, LUND, SE
18.04.2017  | la mer nordique, GÖTEBORG, SE
05.05.2017 | ADHOC PAD, VIENNA, AT
11.05.2017 – 08.06.2017 | die parfümerie, VIENNA, AT
17.06.2017 | Kulmwirt, RAMSAU/DACHSTEIN, AT
01.09.2017 | der pranzl, IRDNING, AT
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In „I have seen you in my dreams“, Austrian photographer Manuel Peric shows analogue photography from his ongoing roadtrips through Scandinavia. The trips are an attempt of exploring Scandinavia and finding out why he feels so connected to a place he had never been to before. Far away from the typical sights, he tried to capture the beauty of his blurry vision about something that he was missing all his live & still don’t know what it is he is looking for or where to find it. All photos are records of his thoughts & dreams— you will barely see people in Manuel’s photographs. These trips were never about reaching a goal, but about the feeling of loneliness in a beautiful way.

„The most important thing besides the travelling was to capture the whole trip on film, without any editing afterwards. With film, you never know how the result will look like. Is there a light leak, different grain, is there any dust, stains or is there even a picture? Each and every frame is unique and that is why you take the time rethinking your position and the setting before taking a picture. Every imperfection in the photos is like his vision of this project, sometimes focused, sometimes dark, never planned.“

Manuel chose the title „I have seen you in my dreams“, because everyone has the urge to do something even if the y don’t know where this would lead or is there any purpose at all. Your visions are blurry & you barely can explain it to someone else, but you still have to do it.